About IMG

Integral Management Group (IMG) was founded in 1977 by Petur Gudjonsson who before that worked in the Department of Social Development and Humanitarian Affairs at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Before that he had been professor of Methodlogy in Political Science and he also taught Psychology.

IMG´s main area of work has been in relation to management development and consulting in the areas of company cohesion, strategic planning and marketing. The firm has worked consistently in different countries and with branches in Iceland, UK, Spain, Chile, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Colombia.

Organizationally, the firm has several divisions. One of them is called “Division of Professional Development and Consulting, which in turn is divided into three department: “Surveys”, “Strategic Planning” and “Training”.

( See: “Some Solutions that IMG offers to US firms” in order to see the range of services that IMG offers through this divison)