Curriculum vitae of Petur Gudjonsson

Petur Gudjonsson, 55 years old, is a Harvard graduate, both as an undergraduate (in Social Studies) and as a graduate student (in Political Science). Later, he did his post-graduate studies in Social Psychology in “La Universidad de Chile” and in Economics in “La Universidad Catolica de Chile”.

He taught in several universities in the San Fransisco Bay Area in the early seventies among them Berkeley and Sonoma State where he taught Methodology in Political Science.

He worked for several years at the UN Headquarters in New York, most of the time in the Department of Social Development and Humanitarian Affairs.

After founding his own consulting firm, Integral Management Group (IMG), in 1977, he has worked with the firm ever since in different countries, among them England ( where the firm had offices in London and Manchester), Spain , the US and Iceland and in several countries in Latin America and the Far East.

Mr. Gudjonsson is the author of various books, the first one being “The Method to make the heart happy”, published by KK publishers in Tokyo, Japan, first in 1978 and has sold over 1 million copies. Among other books in English are “ Living coherently”, “ The Life Rules”, “ To live is an art”, and “ The entrance to life”, and have also been published in several languages.