IMG┤s Consultation Services

A large proportion of the work IMG does for business is not in the form of short seminars but rather as a long-term relationship where specific goals are set and IMG helps companies bring them about.

Most firms need to know where to go, with what means, under specific time- and space objectives. And they want to be sure they implement these strategies in the most efficient way. For that end IMG offers its Strategic Planning Program (SPP) which last from 9 months to 2 years.

Other firms just want to get more out of their salesforce, so IMG offers a program that sets specific sales targets and helps the firm obtain them through a 4-6 months program.

Still others would simply like to see better performance overall, that is, increase the profits. IMG has a program that tackles both the costs and the income and what is special about this program is that we do not charge normal consultation fees. Instead, we just take a share of the increased benefits accrued due to our work with the firm. We are very proud of this program and we have seen it work in many places, in different industries. It is a very interesting relationship that is established, since both IMG and the firm in question are taking certain risks which hopefully end up in benefits for both.