Measurable Strategic Planning


The distinctive feature in the way IMG reallizes its Strategic Planning Programme (SPP) for different firms and institutions is that the whole process ends when the firm establishes measureable goals, for the firm as a whole, each department and for each and every employee. These goals are guided by the firmīs mission statement and future vision.

One of the common goals of all firms is to be able to produce acceptable profits, which in part means increased sales and in part reduced costs. In the "conventional" Strategic Planning Programme, IMGīs consultans help the firms to set these goals, but it is completely in the hands of the firms in the aftermath of how they reach these goals.

Practice, however, has shown that in many cases there is great need for the IMG consultants to help a firm with the follow-up of these objectives and not end the consultation process until the firmīs profits are indeed acceptable and also not until certain attitudes and ways of working within the firm are firmly established, capable of guaranteeing the results to be maintained in the future.

Because of this need, IMG offers its clients a new service called " Measureable Strategic Planning". Although in most aspects it is based on the "conventional" IMG Strategic Planning Programme it goes much further in that IMG committs itself in helping the firm achieve acceptable profits one year after the consultation process begins, usually cutting costs 5% without reducing client service and increasing sales by at least 10% with an acceptable margin. These actions in and by themselves could change around the economic well-being of many firms.


The way in which this new service is paid for is quite different from the "conventional" Stategic Planning Programme. In the latter, the services are paid for in a "traditional" manner, that is, the consultants get paid honorarium for their services; seminars and surveys are paid for, etc.

But payments for this new service is different in that the firm basically only pays for RESULTS obtained.

In general, the idea is that IMG receives a proportion of both the savings accrued and increaed sales.


This way of rendering a consultation service is quite unique in that the client pays only for the results that are obtained. This also makes the client feel that the consultants are more committed to the goals that they promise to help bring about. Finally, it is of great interest to the client to be able to look forward at the end of the one-year long consultation process, of having a healthy economy and ways of working within the firm that will help it maintain these good bottom-line results.