Marketing Services

All firms need to know what their clients are thinking, need to maintain and increase their marketshare and be able to communicate effectively with the public, establishing loyalty among the clients.

To help clients know better about their products and services, their image, prices, quality and communication we invented a new way of doing surveys. As with the other services where IMG always offers novel solutions, we were able in 1989 to invent a method that combines the best of the well-known quantative surveys with that of the qualitative ones. We call this method “IMG´s In-depth Surveys”.

We also knew that in order for a company to communicate effectively they have to project a coherent image which in turn must be based on something real that goes on within the firm, a coherent corporate culture.

So, we designed a way to help firms achieve this goal with the help of a seminar and optional consultation service.

To help create customer loyalty we invented still another “tool”, something we call “CAB” or “Customer Advisory Group”, which is a group of customers who permanently meet with the firm´s management in order to advise on different aspects of the firm and its performance.

This is a delicate process but when it works it works wonders and does establish an atmosphere of trust rarely seen in a client-firm relationship.