Corporate image

“Communicating with the Public”


A coherent, attractive public image is essential for any corporation that wants to grow in today´s competitive, serviceoriented, business environment. It is not enough, however, to design and execute an attractive advertising front if the external image is not backed up by a strong “internal” image corresponding to realities within the organisation.

Recent popular studies in the U.S. have shown that the most successful corporations are those that have a strong peopleoriented culture. On this basis they have been able to present both their products and services clearly to the public. Corporations that projected a “fuzzier” image or one that did not correspond to their real activities fared less well (“In Search of Excellence” and “Corporate Cultures”).

The purpose of this course is to teach those who are in charge of corporate planning and public relations how to identify their own “culture”, how to strengthen the internal image in the eyes of their employees and build a clear, favourable image in the eyes of the public.


At the end of this seminar, the participants will be able to:

  • understand the nature of image-formation in our daily activities and in advertising.

  • distinguish between product advertising and advertising based on people´s performance and relations within the firm.

  • establish a clear puplic image before there is a crisis.

  • identify the different areas within their own firm that need strengthening in order to shape a strong internal image.

  • identify the different aspects of their own corporate culture such as clear references, corporate heroes and values, the corporate spirit, “invisible” group barriers etc.

  • identify the areas that need improvement so that the “culture” is coherent.

  • design a public relations campaign after the internal image is clear.


This is a highly participatory one-day seminar with tests, group work, case studies and audiovisuals.