Different benefits of the IMG


There are many benefits that different firms and organizations have been able to obtain as a result if the survey. Some things can be measured very soon after the survey, some take a longer time to show concrete results. Some aspects are difficult to quantify like better company morale, a more favorable image in the eyes of the public, and so on. The following list only includes those aspects that have been measured fairly soon after the survey and these are aspects that can easily be quantified.

  1. Different and more cost-effective adverticing:

    One of the things most firms want to measure is the effect their different advertising has had. All firms that have a sizable amount of advertising have been able to save large sums on ineffective adverticing as well as use those kinds that have proven to be effective.

  2. Marketing:

    Many firms want to know whether their marketing strategies work, whether the emphasis they use is correct. Some ask also how they can increase their market share. Very often firms believe one thing about their products and services, a view that is not at all shared by the public. We have been able to suggest strategies that correspond much more to their perception. We have also been able to make concrete suggetions so that they can increase their market share.

  3. Product development:

    Some firms have used the surbey to guide them in their product development and thus be more precise in terms of producing along the lines of what the customers want. Although it is difficult to isolate exactly the precise contribution of the survey, nevertheless the sales of those products gave been higher than normally was expected of new products.

  4. Product range or inventory:

    Many firms want to know if they can reduce the number of items they stock or change their proportion. Sometimes we have been able to suggest that firms reduce their stocks without any damage to their sales volume. Sometimes we have prevented firms in reducing their number of items when precisely their product range has been one of their strong sales factors.

  5. Service:

    There is a variety of sales-related questions that we ask depending on the nature of the business but also on what that particular business wants to find out. Sometimes we have helped firms isolate areas where they have to improve their service thus reducing the number of complaints and holding on to more customers. Sometimes we have helped firms in finding out if they can introduce a new service and if the customers are willing to pay for it. Sometimes a firm wants to reduce the service it has without loosing its clients. When they have been able to do that their savings are quite large indeed.