Management development

These seminars are all intended for different management needs and for different levels. Many managers have worked for years in their jobs without receiving a thorough, comprehensive training that covers the different situations and roles a manager finds himself or herself in. Hence the seminar, "The Role of the Manager".

Some firms can boost of managers that have had excellent basic training, yet somehow they do no work together as a solid team, rather as very capable, but rather isolated individual stars, not as a team. For them, the seminar, "Team Work", would be just what they need.

At times managers of a firm work well as individuals and as a team, but the firm needs to be lifted onto another plane where fresh winds blow, new ways of seeing things are adopted and new ways of deciding strategies and tactics are put in place. These firms would benefit from our seminar called "Effective decicion making and problem analysis" which introduces a whole new way of analyzing problems through a brand new method of analysis and decision making, "The Integrative Structural Method" (ISM).

Or if they like an intensive brain storming session then we would recommend our seminar called " Thinking Outside the Box".