Decision making

Management development seminar.
Problem analysis and effective decision-making.


Correct and comprehensive analysis is a must for any manager. And often his decisions have to be precise and swift. Along with the capacity to motivate and organize people, the ability to analyze problems end decide on the best course of action represents a key attribute of the good manager. If this ability is well developed, the organization grows. If it is lacking, it translates into organizational ineffectiveness and loss of revenues.

Most managers have of course some methods of decision-making and analysis. Be it their own "ad hoc" application of common sense or the result of some specialized training in the field, all use one or the other. Common sense is often sufficient, but at times the problems are too complex for its application. And many decision-making tools, excellent for computer specialists, are often too cumbersome and time consuming for practical daily use. This seminar attends to this need of having a simple, yet comprehensive method.

Purpose of the seminar

In this seminar the manager would become aware of "how" he makes decisions and other alternative ways of doing so. He would also be able to use a new, very effective method of analysis and decision-making. A rational method that is based on the way the logical mind works.

Key topics:

  • Methods of analysis in history 2500 years ago to the present. Relationship between method of analysis on the one hand and social structure, science and technology on the other.

  • The IMG method of analysis. Comprehending things in structure. That is, in process, relations and composition. Learning to define the object of study and the interest. Practical problem solving.

  • Decision-making. "What" decides in us. Learning to do so with "unity". Learning the physical registers that indicate unity.

  • Learning to decide without mental noise. Comprehending factors that interfere.
Seminar format and size:

Maximum 20, minimum 10.

Intended for middle level managers and above. The seminar consists of lecture, discussion and problem solving work-shops where the participants are encouraged to tackle real life situations. This seminar is a full day session.