The role of the manager

“Covering all the Bases”


Many introductory management seminars are excellent and so are those intended for senior management. However, there is an universal need for comprehensive middle management training since many courses in this field are either too specific and often cumbersome or too general to be of any real use to those that already have some managerial experience.

This course attempts to fill this need. It is based on a model developed by Petur Gudjonsson, an internationally known lecturer and consultant. This model is both specific and comprehensive at the same time and it can be applied to any size firm, a division or indeed a department.

The course covers all areas of management such as role delegation and training, information flow, decision making and coordination. It deals with the nature of human communication and it trains the participants in team work and team decision.


At the end if this seminar the participants will be able to:

  • Identify and find solution to most management problems.

  • Undestand the nature of different styles of communication and what determines one´s relation with subordinates, peers and superiors.

  • Identify own management style and make corrections

  • Know different decision making methods, including team-decision.

  • Understand the relationship between information flow and human communication.

  • Know how to motivate people with different life styles and interests.

  • Understand how society with its pressure and demands influences the firm.

  • Be more secure as a manager because they will know how to quickly identify each problem.

  • “See” themselves as others see them.


This 2 day seminar calls on intensive participation. Tests, group work, role playing and video-filming are integral parts of the course.


20-25 participants. Managers with 2 years or more experience