"How to increase efficiency in marketing and sales and see new opportunities"

It is well known that a sound balance sheet for the firm does not depend solely on the objective conditions offered by the market or the technical know-how and proceedures within the firm, but the subjective factors are equally as important. That is, how the managers see the possibilities of the firm, whether they know how to take adbvantage of the opportunities that arise or create new possibilities.

Sometimes objective difficulties occur but without foreseen negative effcts precisely because the subjective point of view is well directed. At other times, exactly the opposite takes place, there are no major "real" objective problems, but everyone thinks they are much greater than they are in reality. Thus, in a vicious spiral, the problem becomes so big that the managers within a whole country begin to enclose temselves within a "box", seeing only the difficulties instead of all the possiblities that abound.

When this situation occcurs, within a country, or within a firm, it is vital to re-think things, change attitudes, vary the focus and also situations and ways of working. Sometimes it is necessary to launch into new markets and/ or offer entirely new products or services. In effect, this is quite possible even when the objective conditions are very difficult. There are many testimonials to this fact in the last few years, perhaps one of the most remarkable one being the Finish firm "Nokia", one of the biggest producers in the world of cellular phones, previously the producer of rubber boots.

This seminar intends to help the participants to see new horizons, new possibilities for their firm. Also to see precisely what has to be done in order to change attitudes and focus and how to bring about modifications in "real" situations in order to operate with a better "bottom line". It is based on seminars and consulting services that IMG has offered many firms in Europe and the US with excellent results.


Managers of the firm, those in charge of sales, marketing, strategic planning and development.


This is an one day course, 8 hours in all.


Maximum 25 persons