Emotional intelligence

Increasing “Emotional Inteligence”
" Improving management "


Recent studies in the US and in Europe show that so-called EQ tests that measure Emotional Intelligence(EI) are more likely than other methods to be able to indicate whether a person will “fit” into a particular job. These EQ tests measure on the one hand the degree of self-awarweness that a person has about their own emotional responses in different situation and on the other the knowledge of and control over their emotions. The test also measures the intuition that a person has regarding other people and how effective they are both in their communication with others as well as being team players including how good they are at motivating other people.

Managers who have a high EQ as well as a high IQ are those that make the best decisions, run the most dynamic firms and their personal lives are also more satisfying to them than to many others.

Of course one can say with great certainty that these are not novel discoveries. It has been known for a long time that human relations have a graet impact on its productivity, the quality of its products and services, on labor turn-over, creativity within the firm, etc. It is also known that the type of relations that the managers have among themselves and with the staff has an enormous influence on the success of the firm in question. What is perhaps new in this respect is that now there are many studies that have appeared that support these affirmations using more precise methods that measure these ingridient called “Emotional Intelligence”.

To know one´s EQ is very intersting but knowing how to increase it is even more intersting. Very few methods or seminars have dealt with this important aspect and even fewer have had any success in doing so. The IMG Method is based on 30 years research and practice in the field of the emotions in the last 30 years. In this seminar the participants not only get to know their Emotional Intelligence but at the same time they learn how to increae it.

It is also an objective of the seminar that the managers who participate be able to fuse what is learnt in the seminar, with the overall objectives of the firm and the daily routine therein.

Basic Topics:

  • Centers of response of the “Structural Model of the Psychism”, one of those being the Emotional center.The “myths” of the emotions.

  • The emotions and how to control them.

  • “Intuition” and how to develop it.

  • The “Self-image" of the manager and its raltion with EI

  • “Attention” and how it relates to controlling the emotions. Las tensiones excesivas, su control y relación con la IE

  • Communication: Different styles, emphathy, deep connection

  • EI and motivation

  • EI and team work

  • Goals, fundamental direction in life and EI

  • Excessive tensions and their realtions with EI


At the end of this seminar the participants will be able to :

  • Know the wide range of their own emotions

  • Know the relation between the motions and other response functions such as the motor or intelectual functions

  • Know how to control the emotions, both the “negative” ones as well as orienting the psoitive ones

  • Know how to increase intuition

  • Know the relations among emotions, basic vulues and the self-image in deifferent situations.

  • Know how to be more focused in one´s relations

  • Know the different styles of communication, including one´s own

  • Know how the “other” feels and see “reality” from their point of view

  • Know how to express oneself easily and without barriers.

  • Know how to motivate different types of people and know how to make team work proceed in an efficient way.

  • Set realistic goals and know how to obtain them in a coherent fashion.


Managers of the firm


  1. A preparatory meeting with management

  2. This one day seminar is held at a rural setting.