Stress seminar


The root of Most Personal and Organizational Problems.

We are living in a high-pressured, rapidly changing, and increasingly complex environment. And stress is an inevitable by-product. A prominent medical researcher states that at least 80% of all illnesses are stress related.

However, the human body os not the only loser. Each year American businesses lose millions of dollars because of excessive stress. For example, absenteeism, lowered productivity, mistakes and incresing health costs are a few of the consequences attributed to excessive levels of individual and organizational stress. Karl Albrecht in his book Stress and the Manager estimated that “bad” stress costs a company about $1.800 per employee per year.

But stress can be good! Stress can push us to higher levels of performance and accomplishment. . . especially if we learn the principles of stress management.

Dr. Petur Gudjonsson, an internationally known lecturer and consultant, is uniquely qualified to help us learn these principles. Dr. Gudjonsson´s lively, participative seminar is based on more than 10 years of cross-cultural research and experimentation. He combines the best stress management principles of the West and East, both new and old. Some of Dr. Gudjonsson´s U.S. clients include: Uniroyal, National Broadcasting Corporation, Curtis Wright, The National Bank of North America and the Federal Government.


At the end of Dr. Gudjonsson´s seminar, participants will be able to:

  • identify the different manifestations of stress in themselves and recognize the indicators of correct or incorrect stress.

  • relate how stress directly and indirectly affects their performance in the firm.

  • incrase their personal and professional effectiveness by learning to apply various techniques to lower their physical and mental stress to acceptable levels.

  • apply several Principles of Stress Management useful for the prevention of stress.

  • identify the causes of stress and effective methods of dealing with them.

  • make a Vital Decision about the importance of avoiding excess stress, based on observation of past behavior and probable future orientation.


Prior to workshop the participants will have familiarized themselves with the major topics with some pre-course reading. The workshop itself is highly participatory, with small group practices intermixed with group discussions and lectures. A follow-up procedure will also be provided so that what is learned in the seminar can be put into effective use in daily life.